Application Requirements

We appoint for charges in CHATHAM COUNTY and PORT WENTWORTH only.

The following information is required to apply for a court-appointed attorney:

1) PROOF OF HOUSEHOLD INCOME – If you are legally married you will need documentation for you and your spouse. Proof of household income includes the following:

  • Paycheck stubs for the past 30 days (two paycheck stubs if paid biweekly or four paycheck stubs if paid weekly);
  • LES (Leave and Earnings Statement);
  • Social security and/or disability income;
  • EBT awards letter; and/or
  • Retirement income.
  • Picture ID

NOTE:  If you are a full-time college student, we need a copy of your student ID card.

2) A COPY OF YOUR CHARGES (for traffic citations only) – If you are charged with a traffic violation, we need a copy of your traffic citation.

The failure to provide the necessary documentation will delay the processing of your application for a court-appointed attorney.

Application Form

Click here to start your Online Application

You may also complete and print the Application for Services along with the additional information mentioned above and either:

  1. Email it to, or
  2. Bring it with you to our office (Map & Directions), or
  3. Fax it to us at (912) 652-7445.
  4. If you have selected to apply by email, Proof of Household Income and a copy of your charges must be emailed separately.